SKB Hardshell Electric Guitar Case Suit Lp Type Models 1SKB-56

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SKB began making guitar cases in California more than 30 years ago. Today, world-famous SKB guitar cases set the standard for moulded plastic transport protection. Guitar players trust SKB cases to provide supreme protection for their most cherished guitars, whether they’re on a world tour or on the way to a coffeehouse gig. Players recognize the superior design features and quality manufacturing standards inherent in every SKB guitar case. For your electric, acoustic, jazz, classical, or bass guitar, an SKB case is a wise investment!

SKB-56 Guitar Case Features:

  • Bumper protected valance
  • Injection-moulded feet
  • Indestructible cushioned rubber over-moulded handle
  • Full-length neck support
  • Rigid EPS foam interiors to keep the guitar from slipping
  • Accessories compartment

SKB-56 Case Fits These Models:

  • ESP/LTD EC Series
  • ESP/LTD Eclipse Series
  • Gibson Les Paul Series
  • Gibson Melody Maker Series
  • Ibanez ARC Series
  • Ibanez ART Series
  • Ibanez ART Series
  • Ibanez ARX Series
  • PRS SE Singlecut Series Santana
  • Washburn Idol Series
  • Yamaha AES Series
  • Yamaha SBG Series




Weight 6.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 16 × 3.5 cm


SKB Hardshell Electric Guitar Case Suit Lp Type Models 1SKB-56


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