Big Fat Snare Drum 14 Inch- Steves Doughnut – BB1074

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Add Depth and Dynamics to Your Snare Drum

Turn your modern snare drum sound into massive vintage-style tone with Steve’s Donut from Big Fat Snare Drum. Steve’s Donut is a slightly expanded take on Big Fat Snare Drum’s original Donut design, contracting the centre opening to just 5″ and providing a broader deadened playing surface. Not only does this drop the pitch and focus the attack, but Sweetwater drummers were delighted to discover a massive range of extra tone for playing subtle ghost notes. What’s more, adding or removing Steve’s Donut is so fast that you can comfortably do it in the middle of a song if desired, and it’s such a handy tool in the studio that every session drummer ought to keep at least one Big Fat Snare Drum Donut handy all the time.

Big Fat Snare Drum Steve’s Donut Features:

  • An easy way to transform your snare drum’s sound
  • Drops the pitch and timbre of your snare drum for a dry vintage crack
  • Reduced resonance, beefs up your attack and delivers a dry yet penetrating tone with low sustain
  • Broad off-centre playing surface dampens ghost notes but provides you with expanded dynamics
  • A great way to simulate classic 1960s and 1970s snare drum tones
  • Installs instantly and is easy to remove, thanks to the handy finger cutout


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Big Fat Snare Drum 14 Inch- Steves Doughnut – BB1074


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