Soundcraft EPM8 8-Channel Analog Mixer SCF-EPM8

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The Soundcraft EPM8 8-Channel Analog Mixer can’t be beaten when it comes to bang for your buck. These rugged mixers are built for quality and audio performance, saving you money on all those extra bells and whistles that you’re unlikely to use. The Soundcraft EPM8 8-Channel Analog Mixer features Soundcraft’s premium GB30 mic preamp (The very same ones that can be found on the large-format LX7ii and GB Series desks) to provide precision control of mic signals while giving you plenty of headroom. A particularly handy feature is the peak LEDs provided on all input channels. As the levels constantly change throughout the signal path – from the preamp stage, through filtering and EQ – you can keep an eye on them at different points to ensure nothing is overlooked. The LEDs also employ proportional illumination to show signal level when approaching peaks, allowing you to maximize the quality of any signal by utilizing all the available headroom. The main stereo mix has 10-segment LED meters, with a PFL Active indicator to show whether any channels are being soloed.


  • Eight mic/line inputs plus two stereo line ins
  • Two configurable auxiliary buses
  • XLR-type and 1/4″ metal jack connector sockets
  • RCA phono stereo playback inputs and record outputs
  • 3-band EQ with a swept mid on mono inputs
  • 2-band EQ on stereo inputs
  • TRS insert sockets and inserts on all mono inputs and mix output
  • 10-segment LED output metering
  • Intuitive and comprehensive solo system
  • Headphone output
  • Easily rackmountable with optional kit



Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 14.2 × 13 × 3.6 cm


Soundcraft EPM8 8-Channel Analog Mixer SCF-EPM8


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