JBL IRX112BT Powered 12″ Portable PA Loudspeaker W/ Bluetooth

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JBL IRX108BT Powered 12″ Portable PA Loudspeaker w/ Bluetooth


The JBL IRX112BT gives you a portable powered 12″ PA loudspeaker. Delivering class-leading output and clarity, the IRX112BT is easy to use with an unrivaled feature set. All at an affordable price point. Built with a custom, pro-grade system, the IRX112BT has been engineered to outperform even larger competing systems. While EQ presets let you dial in the perfect tone in an instant, with no audio experience necessary. Finally, dbx Automatic Feedback Suppression lets you crank up the volume with confidence.

So whether you’re playing music, soundtracks, or backing tracks over Bluetooth streaming; your voice will carry over with one-touch ducking. Above all, the JBL IRX112BT is a lightweight, durable PA, and is perfect for performers, content creators, fitness instructors, and presenters.

Class-Leading Output and Clarity

Drawing on decades of JBL engineering, the IRX112BT delivers an ultra-portable, reliable system that outperforms the competitors. For an 12-inch speaker, the IRX112BT boasts the highest measured volume and widest frequency response in its class. Maintaining SPL, wattage, and performance ratings equivalent to much larger PA speakers.

Bluetooth 5.0

What’s more, with the IRX112BT you can access Bluetooth audio streaming at the push of a button. Allowing you to play backing tracks, soundtracks, or recorded music between sets. You can even link two speakers together to create a true stereo image. All while providing improved speed and greater functional range. You’ll find 2 XLR/TRS combo inputs and an XLR loop-out to connect additional speakers

IRX112BT takes the Guesswork out of Great Sound

JBL’s IRX112BT ensures you’ll sound your best in seconds. Sporting a number of EQ presets that have been modeled after a range of common performance scenarios. As well as built-in dbx AFS Automatic Feedback Suppression that protects your speakers and your ears, stopping feedback at the push of a button. While one-touch ducking automatically lowers the volume of the music when speech input is detected, ensuring every word is heard loud and clearly.

Powerful and Portable

IRX112BT delivers big-system sound in a compact footprint. Housed in an ultra-lightweight, durable polypropylene cabinet that’ll have you loading in and out in minutes. Not to mention the ergonomic handles that make transporting your PA speaker a breeze. So you can enjoy the sound of a massive speaker system, without the hassles associated with one

Rugged and Road-Tested

Finally, like every JBL PA loudspeaker, the IRX112BT undergoes 100 hours of stress testing. Ensuring your speaker will perform flawlessly in real-world conditions.

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 30 × 40 × 62 cm


JBL IRX112BT Powered 12″ Portable PA Loudspeaker W/ Bluetooth


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