Pioneer DJ Cash Back

Save Big, Mix Bigger with Pioneer DJ Cashback!

Prepare to unleash your creativity and amplify your savings with Jands’s new cashback promo where 30+ Pioneer DJ products gets you CASHBACK! 

Promotion Dates 

The promotion will be effective from the 23rd of October 2023 through to the 22nd December 2023. 

How to Get Your Cashback: 

1. Purchase & Register: Purchase of any of the 32 qualifying Pioneer DJ products from an authorized Jands dealer during the promotion period. 

2. Submit Your Claim: Complete the online claim form below. Make sure to submit your claim to the form below by the 5th January 2024 to qualify. 

3. Receive Cashback Rewards Card: After your claim is reviewed and approved, you will receive a Visa Gift Card sent to your registered address. Please allow up to 60 days for the processing and dispatch of your Visa Gift Card. 

Eligible Products and Cashback as listed below.

SKU Cashback
PDJ-DDJ-800 $200
PDJ-DDJ-FLX10 $350
PDJ-XDJ-RX3 $350
PDJ-DJM-450 $150
PDJ-DJM-750MK2 $250
PDJ-DJM-S5 $150
PDJ-DJM-S7 $350
PDJ-DJM-S11 $500
PDJ-DM-40D $50
PDJ-DM-40D-WH $50
PDJ-DM-40D-BT $75
PDJ-DM-40D-BT-WH $75
PDJ-DM-50D $75
PDJ-DM-50D-WH $75
PDJ-DM-50D-BT $100
PDJ-DM-50D-BT-WH $100
PDJ-VM-50 $100
PDJ-VM-50-WH $100
PDJ-VM-70 $125
PDJ-VM-80 $150
PDJ-PLX-1000 $200
PDJ-XDJ-700 $250
PDJ-XDJ-1000MK2 $500
PDJ-CDJ-3000 $1,000
PDJ-DJM-A9 $1,000

Whether you are a professional DJ or an aspiring artist, don't miss this opportunity to level up your gear while enjoying the added benefit of cashback. Trust us, your future gigs—and your wallet—will thank you!

Claim Form and full terms and conditions can be found by clicking HERE